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We are Aculeus, and we love wireless networking.

UMTS, LTE, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth are popular technologies that help people connect, wherever they are. While most users just consider these wireless protocols as tools, we believe that in the real world they can also be a source of figures.

Aculeus is an innovative cloud-based hardware and software analytics solution, which allows the owners of any public venue to collect data and relevant insights from the wireless-enabled devices that enter their location.

A deployment of Aculeus can answer questions such as:

We believe many people operating a store or a restaurant often ask themselves these very questions, and the insights provided by a platform such as Aculeus can answer all of them.

We use device fingerprinting techniques to recognize the models of smartphones your customers own, and thus their relative wealth. We look at the amount of wireless traffic outside and inside your store to understand how many people pass by, and how many enter.

And the best thing is... we do all of this without having anyone necessarily connect to your hotspot, as opposed to most Wi-Fi analytics solutions on the market. We make use of probe requests, that is, the wireless broadcasts issued by smartphones in order to detect nearby wireless networks and phone network towers. We don’t just count them; we also take advantage of fingerprinting technologies to get more data regarding your customers and the device they are using.

We also think that your data alone isn’t really useful. How about comparing your performance and your metrics to similar businesses in other areas of your country? That’s why Aculeus is cloud-based, that is, all the data collected gets sent to our system so that we can provide you with even more relevant information, by cross-analyzing it.

Do you want to help us develop the most advanced wireless analytics solution available on the market? Join our team.

Right now, Aculeus is a closed beta. If you are thinking about operating an Aculeus deployment inside your store, let us know here. Early adopters receive a lifetime free subscription to the Aculeus Cloud data analysis service.

If you are a nerd, here are some technical details.

More or less every 30 seconds, any device with Wi-Fi built-in will look for available networks in its surroundings. Even your grandma's GSM cell phone will do the same: it will look for the nearest phone tower. Mobile devices perform this search by broadcasting short wireless packages known as ‘probe requests’. The content of these packages sounds more or less like ‘hey, it’s me here, is there any network I can connect to?’.

The beauty about probe requests is that while they are only a few bytes in size, they still contain useful data such as:

All these details put together allow us to generate relevant insights. Since a device broadcasts many probe requests over a period of time, we can also track its behaviour. We can understand how much time a device spends inside a location, how often it returns, and when.

The data we get regarding the transmitters, together with the vendor obtained from the MAC address, let us run some fingerprinting tests on the device. Therefore, we can easily obtain the model of the device. While this last item might not sound like an useful piece of information, in fact it allows us to speculate on the relative wealth of the owner, for instance. We believe this can be an extremely useful source of information for any marketer.

We do not only use Wi-Fi in our analysis, but we can intercept broadcasts in protocols such as Bluetooth (smartwatches are everywhere) and standard cell phones protocols (GSM, UMTS and LTE).

Wonder how much data there is in a single Wi-Fi probe request? Have a look here.

Early adopter? Access your dashboard here.

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